At Phillips Law Office, we try cases for our clients-we are experienced litigators  who know how to protect your rights. Many of the ads you see on television are from lawyers who do not try cases, but who seek business from people who have been injured and then refer those cases to other lawyers who actually do the work. At Phillips Law Office, we will handle your case directly. You can speak with your case attorney whenever you need to and we are readily available to answer your questions by phone and email.

When you are injured in a serious collision, time is of the essence. Get legal advice right away. It’s important to immediately gather facts, preserve the evidence, take pictures and measurements, document what happened, collect witness statements, and protect your legal rights.

Insurance companies have teams of investigators standing ready to shield them from paying what is due you. It is important that you move quickly to protect your rights before evidence is lost. Attorney Phillips treats each case with the utmost care by thoroughly gathering the liability and medical evidence. Many cases settle before trial, but a fair settlement can only be achieved if you protect your rights by acting quickly, preserve evidence and call Phillips Law Office for help. We handle cases on either an hourly basis or, in many litigation matters, on a contingency fee basis, which means we only charge a fee if you win and receive an award of damages. Clients are responsible for expenses and costs, which are sometimes advanced by the client or deducted from recovery at verdict or settlement.

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