When you are injured through the fault or intentional conduct of another, you are entitled to bring suit to collect money damages. Under the law, damages are awarded to make you “whole”- that is, to replace the actual out of pocket costs and emotional damages you have suffered.

Not everyone who has been injured is entitled to damages. You can only successfully bring suit if someone else is legally responsible for your injuries. You have the burden of proof to show how the injuries occurred, what you lost, and why the person you sued is responsible.

In September of 1969, when Roger B. Phillips had been a lawyer for less than 24 hours, he was called to the scene of a fiery crash in Bow, New Hampshire. A 1968 station wagon had crossed the median strip of Route 93 and crashed into the car carrying  Attorney Phillips’ clients. Four people were killed and two children were badly injured.  Attorney Phillips initiated suit and the case  was the first defective motor mount case ever tried against General Motors. Since then, Attorney Phillips has been representing injured persons in negligence, product liability, slip and fall, and intentional tort matters, such as assault and defamation (libel and slander).

We handle cases on either an hourly basis or, in many litigation matters, on a contingency fee basis, which means we only charge a fee if you win and receive an award of damages. Clients are responsible for expenses and costs, which are sometimes advanced by the client or deducted from recovery at verdict or settlement.

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